Bad Habit


How I stopped biting my nails after 48 years ...

Throughout my visits to the previous conventional "Therapy" sessions, my counselor kept asking me if there was anything I would like to share to make changes.  I have been shamed about my nail biting habit; however, I could not even come to mention about it.

On the contrary, when I took a course of Fractal Psychology®

I was able to ask for help to get rid of my bad habit, right away. 

On top of that, it took only ONE EVENING for Ms. Isshiki, the founder of TAW Fractal Psychology® and Phenomenology, to resolve my habit.

Ms. Isshiki sent "Modification Sentences" for me with the instructions as follows:

  1. Record the "Modification Sentences" with my own voice

  2. Close my eyes and picture myself as three year old

  3. In my bed, listen to the "Modification Sentence" over and over again while imagining my three year old self

  4. After a while, check to see the facial expression of "Child-Me"

  5. Once I see the smile on my three year old self, go to sleep


Kayco Ishii 

Life & Career Counselor Certified by the Fractal Psychology® Association

 Fractal Psychology® Association is the member of the Foundation of
Global Life Learning Center under the jurisdiction of Cabinet Office of Japan


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