LDP (Life-Decoding Procedure)

We can see your future & you past in your present.



Our thoughts create our reality, 100%!”  

This is the fundamental theory of Ms. Mau Isshiki, the founder of Fractal Psychology ®™.

Since your world is the reflection of your thoughts, we can see your future, your thoughts yet to be realized, and your past, your thoughts already manifested as your reality and your world.   Both your future and your past exist in your present in a form which can be observed by anyone.  LDP can help you translate the information.  Should you turn Right or left?  How should we think of it?  How should I act, now?  The answers to yourself are all hidden in your world. 

The exactness of the information we can gain through LDP is the shocking experience shared with all participants.    This is actually the proof of the oneness of your world.  Once you master LDP, you would wonder how you have been surviving without it.


LDP (Life-Decoding Procedure)

It is a technique that allows you to decode thoughts that you may not be aware of while watching the news on TV or reading the newspapers. It applies the theory of similarity and projection (expanding and shrinking.) With LDP, you’ll truly feel that news stories are interlocked with your thoughts