For Seniors

Guided Meditation for Seniors

"Rejuvenation and Transformation"

What if you could materialize your “dreams” from 20 years ago (or longer), which you may have already given up on, to create your successful future? Fractal Psychology was born in 2007 in Japan and has an established institute where over 10,000 people have benefited from experience with this unique approach.

Our world is evolving with science contributing ever more to the understanding of life-long personal potential. This course is programmed especially for the senior audiences.   

The class includes handbooks, guided meditation, imagery, and a consideration of past assumptions about self and family. Bring an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity about Eastern philosophy, psychology, and most of all, about yourself.


CSULB OLLI:  This series can be attended at CSULB OLLI in Fall 2017.