"Magic of Transforming Others"

Magic of Transforming Others


“No one can change our past and other people.”

Have you heard this type of phrase before?

We also heard sayings such as:

“We can’t change other people. That’s why we need to change ourselves.”

“Our relationship improved once I recognized the positive side of my partner.”

However, are these true remedies? Do you ever feel that you may be deceiving yourself  somehow? Was your attitude really bad to begin with?  Even if you change your attitude, that may leave you just “kissing up” to your partner. How much longer do we need to keep doing that? Our partners have good sides, of course, but still, the bad sides are bad, aren’t they?

In fact, your partner hasn’t changed. It may simply be that you are patient and tolerant of them. 

With Fractal Psychology, we can truly “change another person.” Changing your attitude towards your partner is not necessary. It is not necessary to close your eyes for the negative side and focus on the positive side of your partner, either. With this method, your partner would surely change. This method is more effective and certain than any other methods.

On top of that, this will benefit both you and your partner.  

By learning this method,  your life will be changed drastically. “The Magic of Transforming Others” of Fractal Psychology™ will free you from unhealthy tolerance. You will be amazed to experience the sensation of freedom for the first time in your life. There is no other convenient tool like this.

This method was developed for the people like you who have been put in the position to be patient for others. Please learn this method and change your life drastically!


                           Mau Isshiki, Founder of Fractal Psychology