About Fractal Psychology®

Ms. Mau Isshiki

Ms. Mau Isshiki, the founder of Fractal Psychology® – Guest Lecture @ CSULB

Fractal Psychology® is based on TAW.  The founder of TAW, Mau Isshiki, had problems that seemed like her fate. However, to elude her fate, she struggled to find a method which could solve problems completely from the root. Ten years after the beginning of her study, she finally found the mechanism on how we create our lives by our thoughts. There is no destiny, no fate. Once she deciphered the mechanism, she invented a method to modify the perceived “destiny.” Then, she started providing this wisdom world-wide in 2005, and started training counselors and instructors of this theory in 2008. 

Kayco Ishii is a Certified Life & Career Counselor directly trained by Ms. Isshiki. She has been working closely with Ms. Isshiki translating text books and training tools of Fractal Psychology from Japanese to English and recruiting future Counselors.

This theory is very practical and amazingly effective and entails a very quick resolution. At the time of this writing, 13,633 students have studied in general courses, 6,665 students have been registered in the four main courses, 4,031 students have gone on to the Master Course. TAW has 256 counselors in Japan (Data: June 28, 2017).    

We know this world is a projection of our mind. Therefore, “Thoughts create reality, 100%.”
This statement is the core of Fractal Psychology. You can change your life completely by Fractal Psychology® Method.


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